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Liz Levin & Company is built on Liz’s belief that organizations with thoughtful leadership and client focus can create exciting opportunities — and can fulfill their promise — in good times and bad. We provide consulting services in marketing and sales, organizational development and leadership. Our services strengthen an organization’s foundation — its core values, vision, strategy, governance, client relationships, people, products and profitability. Thus, we make organizations better at what they do and empower them to go to new and exciting places.

Marketing and Sales

These services are geared towards creating a client-based business in which services are positioned well, the client is happy and everyone participates in the marketing and sales of the organization. We evaluate a company’s image, client relationships, sales program and existing and potential market areas. Most importantly, we train staff at all levels to interact well with the client and to think strategically about marketing and selling.

Organizational Development

These services create an organization for superior performance. We help organizations develop a vision for success, as well as a strategic plan, organizational structure and communication program. We also provide mentoring and staff development. All of our services focus on creating a corporate culture and support systems that engage and empower staff to do their very best and to take ownership of the results.


These services build a strong leadership team. We help executives identify their leadership style and strengthen their leadership skills. We examine the core values, the sense of trust and respect, and the vision of individual leaders in the organization. We also look at how to enhance team performance, how to strengthen governance systems and how innovation enriches an organization. In addition, our firm provides advice on the development of new leaders, the lifeblood of any organization.

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Liz Levin & Company
is a management consulting firm that serves the transportation, design, and environmental community. We position a company’s people, services, and organization for success.