Liz’s Leadership Salon Series—Women Who Fly

In my February salon we heard two amazing women speak of their ascent to the Presidency of their firms — Deborah Meehan, who is President of SH&E, a $37M international aviation consulting business; and Mary Ellen Eagan, president of HMMH, a 50-person national noise and acoustical consulting business. Both women fly for work and manage jobs and families. These women have extraordinarily different styles; yet they were remarkably similar. Here’s how they earned their leadership positions:

Being President of a company may or may not be your own personal choice or desire. These women, however, demonstrate that committed women can do it well.

The remarks of Deborah Meehan and Mary Ellen Eagan are on my website. I urge you to read them. I also invite you to my next Salon on March 15th with Nuria Fernandez, Commissioner of Aviation, City of Chicago. Nuria runs O’Hare Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports. If you plan to come, please RSVP to me at if you haven’t already. Space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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